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Great App!

Great app! Love the UI and bits of trivia and tips for how to adjust the Recipes. Look forward to seeing what comes in the future!

~ Josh
Highly Recommended

Very good lessons and a solid directory of cocktails. Highly recommend to any person getting into cocktails and even to the experienced mixologists to find new resources and ideas.

~ Varun Nayyar
CONGRATULATIONS to the developers

I love it. It is great, it contributes a lot to the knowledge of each of its cocktails, easy to use. It is wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS to the developers.

~ kiko 2804
Well made, fun and educational

Well made, fun, and educational. Lots of info regarding cocktail history and special lessons available.

~ Kaltu
Easy to use

Easy to use and has lots of recipes I didn't know but that sound delicious. I want to try so many of them now!

~ Sharon
Very cool app

Very cool app, recipes are great and the hints help with substitutions and similar recipes.

~ Zac Borrows